Thank you for deciding to be a part of It’s Our World and contributing your valuable artwork to this online gallery. 

The aim of It’s Our World is to create the UK’s largest online collection of artwork mapping the British Isles, as seen through the eyes of the nation’s future custodians.

If you’re on this page you’ve no doubt already uploaded photos or come across an issue uploading your pieces of artwork to the website. 

Not to fear, this page will have everything you need to know to overcome any potential difficulties or questions you have about the uploading process.

How do I upload my school / organisations images to It's Our World Gallery?

Follow the below steps to upload images to the It's Our World online gallery:

1. If you have been contacted by It's Our World regarding uploading images to the online gallery you will have been provided with a unique PIN code. Click on the 'REGISTER' button and input your PIN code. This will take you to another page where you can input your school or organisations details. Fill these in making sure you fill out EVERY field.

2. You are now ready to start uploading images. Click on the 'Upload Your Picture' button. You will be taken to the below page. Ensure you fill in ALL fields including name and age and select the county your school is in. It automatically starts on Aberdeen so ensure you click on it and then scroll down to your county. Click on 'Choose file' and select the image you want to upload first. To upload another image click 'Add Another Image' and follow the same steps until you have uploaded all the images you want. Then press 'Proceed' and your images should start to appear in the gallery section of the website.

I have been provided with a PIN but it is not taking me to the next page to fill out my details?

There are 2 things that could be stopping you from being able to proceed to the next stage.

1. You could be using an old internet browser. Please check what version of Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera you are using. If it is anything older than 2 year’s please update your version. As a standard we recommend that you use Google Chrome but others will work as long as they the most up to date.

2. Your code could have some formatting on it. Go to this website: http://jhy.io/tools/convert-word-to-plain-text - copy your code into the first field and then click the 'Clean' button. Then copy the plain text version of the code that appears and paste it into the PIN section of the website.

If none of the above help to sort the issue please contact admin@itisourworld.org.uk

​What type of file should I upload my images in?

Please ensure your images are in a JPEG format and no bigger file size than 2 megabytes each.

​Will the website display images the correct way up?

The website cannot edit how images display. If an image is uploaded upside down or sideways it will display that way. Please ensure images are uploaded the way they are intended to be viewed.

If you wish to delete an image before completing the upload process you can delete it by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner of the artwork BEFORE pressing proceed to upload.

​How many images can I upload at a time?

You can upload as many artworks as you wish, but we recommend doing so in batches of x10 at a time, providing they are not big file sizes.

Your log-in details should automatically appear once you are registered to add further artworks in batches of x10 at a time.

If you are having trouble uploading 10 it is more than likely that each image is too big in size. Try resaving the images in smaller dimensions as JPEG’s and re-uploading them.

​How do I delete duplicate uploads or artworks that are displayed the wrong way?

Email admin@itisourworld.org.uk and we can delete duplicate images for you.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password please contact admin@itisourworld.org.uk and we will be able to issue you with a new one